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Meg Enns - Principal and Superintendent

Cooperation and teamwork...ALWAYS!

The mission at PV is "to provide academically rogorous curriculum by promoting and challenging the intellectual, creative, physical, and social evelopment of mddle school students."

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Dear Pleasant Valley Parents and Students:


The third quarter is coming to a close, and then will move quickly into our last months of the 2017-2018 school year.  There is still work to be done and fun to be had.  I want all students to have the chance to participate in the end of the year activities and sports.  That means school needs to remain a priority and a focus.  Setting goals for positive behavior and academic growth should be paramount.  I know all students can do it, but it will take the cooperation of both school and home. We want to send our 8th graders off to high school with the celebrations they deserve and many positive memories.  Let’s encourage our students to keep working hard…and to finish strong!  


A note that state testing will take place between April 9 to May 3, 2018.  The teachers will be bringing their students to the computer lab on a rotating schedule to complete the testing.  Please see more information about the testing by clicking here on TESTING.







Meg Enns





The mission of Pleasant Valley School is to provide academically rigorous curriculum by promoting and challenging the intellectual, creative, physical and social development of middle school students.










As T-Wolves, we believe in ourselves and are committed to our learning, so we know that we will succeed!




T reat others respectfully


W e expect success


O bligation to act responsibly


L ive safely


F riends support each other





Three Important Messages:

1.  What we are doing here is very important...we are here to learn!

2.  We believe in you and want you to believe in yourself!

3. We will never give up on you, and we will not let you give up on yourself either